I am a project scientist in Carnegie Mellon University’s Auton lab. My professional research interests are applying mathematical analysis and computation tools to science and engineering problems, both from the technical side of making tools accessible to more researchers, and from the analytic side of what analysis are enabled by advances in computing, analysis, and high performance computing.

My work involves working in interdisciplinary teams to create solutions to applied problems using scalable AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. A typical project requires building a domain specific mathematical model, implementing software using existing mathematical packages, processing gigabytes of data, analyzing the results statistically, deploying the software on high performance resources, and creating bindings to invoke the analysis from the customers preferred workspace. These projects are have been funded by over $3 million in grants from DARPA, AFRL, the Army, and the Navy, resulting in multiple publications, conference presentations, and additions to international software standards. I previously worked at Adventium labs and taught a the University of Minnesota.

The underlying analysis involves multiple interacting mathematical frameworks, including statistics, optimization, and directed graphs, bound together with Python or Matlab. Projects are domain specific and have included: Object identification in
aerial LIDAR data, automatic scheduling for avionics platforms, CFD problems for rotocraft, behavioral compatibility of software, and resilience of medical logistics.

Professional Society Memberships: