I am a recent PhD in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota with a computer science background, 6 years of industry experienced, and an interest in data and computation intensive research problems. I am currently a research scientist at Adventium Labs in Minneapolis, where I design and implement new solutions to problems in planning and security domains. Industry projects I has worked include real-time scheduling for NASA and the Navy and automated security analysis for DARPA. I have worked on high performance architectures, and did a few correctness proofs on the semantics of early parallel computing tools.

My professional work is characterized by a willingness to get my hands dirty and ask “What is the real problem here?”, “How does this problem differ from the models?”, “What does a useful solution to this problem look like”, and “What are the best tools to solve to this problem?”. In my scheduling work, I formulated description of scheduling problems outside the typical RMA framework, taking into account specific details of avonics architectures. For planning work, I took apart commodity printers and built sample access control systems to determine realistic configurations of firmware and model them using planning software.